Mastodon “Motherload”

TWERKING and metal? If you’re in ATL absolutely!  Our 6th video we’ve directed for hometown heroes Mastodon and the most popular at 13+ million views.


With big sets, pyrotechnics, puppets, limited budget, and limited time, this was ambitious and so much fun! Working with the best puppeteers and builders in the biz, this is one of our favorites! Check out this Pitchfork interview with the Directors.

Cartoon Network Regular Show

We love the 80's and up for the challenge of recreating the craziness of early 80's music videos in this custom piece with our friends at Cartoon Network. We quickly pivoted to shoot on 35mm after the lasers fried the chip in our digital camera. That’s what insurance is for!

Skeletonwitch “Bringers Of Death"

In a post apocalyptic world where Furries and Zombies rule, the humans are a commodity.  Filmed with Lomo Anamorphic lenses on the Red One.

Cerebral Ballzy “On The Run”

Definitely a career highlight in recreating the skate videos we grew up on with skate legends Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill and Steve Alba. To ensure the look was period correct we shot on vintage tube video cameras to 3/4” tape decks.